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Telemedicine Veto Symbolic

June 19, 2014


Earlier this month, Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed three telemedicine funding initiatives.  Becker’s and other media reports did not seem to delve into the back story on the action.  In this case, a little speculation might be predictive and helpful to provide broader understanding. Governor Scott has taken considerable criticism from the state’s healthcare industry for […]

State Takes Stance on Triclosan

May 23, 2014


Anti-microbial qualities have been an obsession of consumer goods manufacturers for the better part of a decade.  Part of this drive has been the media’s focus on exotic and potentially deadly pandemics—Ebola, bird flu, swine flu and the like—which seem to grab the headlines every other year or so.  Now it is MERS, and Florida had […]

Disaster Preparedness an Easy HC Target

March 13, 2014


To be filed in the “We Saw That One Coming” folder is yesterday’s announcement by the Advisory Board that healthcare providers (and not just hospitals) may be required by Department of Health and Human Services to assess and beef up their disaster preparedness efforts. Although still in concept and yet to be fully defined, it […]

Healthcare: Where the Cool Kids Hang

February 10, 2014


Healthcare is the place to be.  Want proof? Healthcare is adapting retail concepts to help solve way finding problems, so says the Wall Street Journal.  A hospital as hip as an airport or mall?! Healthcare, and wellness, are a #1 venture capital target for disruptive innovation and entrepreneurial investment—especially outsiders. Healthcare is interesting enough to […]

Outside Leadership Welcome in HC, Finally

February 6, 2014


In my opinion, the Advisory Board promulgated one of the most important articles on healthcare in the past five years last week.  The article in question was titled “Hospital CEO Wanted:  No Healthcare Experience Needed“. The promise, not premise, of this article is: healthcare now has an appetite for ideas outside its industry.  Furthermore, these […]

HC Costs Parsed: What’s Missing?, Part II

January 17, 2014


See previous post “HC Costs Parsed:  What’s Missing?, Part I” 5.     That leaves the last three cost drivers: “Fragmented and Uncoordinated Care”, “High Administrative Expenses” and “Unhealthy Behaviors”. Patients can only hope Un-fragmented and Coordinated Care is a fringe benefit of healthcare reform. Hospitals will need to solve that internally. And no one […]

HC Costs Parsed: What’s Missing?, Part I

January 16, 2014


Becker’s Hospital Report commented yesterday on the State Health Care Cost Containment Commission’s recent look at the “9 Drivers of Healthcare Cost in the U.S.”.  A few items to note from the article: There should only be seven causes.  Of the nine causes named, the last two, “Expensive End-of-life Care” and “Provider Consolidation”, should be […]