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Three Trends Twelve Months Later

June 28, 2013


Occasionally, I read about healthcare trends and sit on them before validating them by disseminating them or writing about them. If something has staying power, it can be effective in a different way to point back to an origin and the evolution since ‘the story broke’. Exactly one year ago, BD+C magazine reported ‘3 important […]

Terra Firma Could Thwart HC Terror

June 26, 2013


Fast Company’s May issue highlights how some companies like Iron Mountain and Google handle operations risk that exist around their cloud services, or data-processing and storage based on remote server locations. The concerns these Wall Street leaders have center around disruption due to: • Terrorism (physical, biological, chemical) • Heat • Adverse weather • Power […]

Healing With the Ear In Mind

June 12, 2013


Acoustics in hospitals is finally being heard. The loudness of the hospital environment, and its negative effect on healing, is now a topic healthcare administrators want to listen to.  I think that is because it is now linked to the CMS patient satisfaction scores, and hence reimbursement rates.  Sadly, most healthcare systems are so buried under […]

In-In or No Deal

June 10, 2013


Many have heard the “win-win or no deal” statement bandied about in negotiation—mutual benefit for both parties or no agreement. Well, this has nothing to do with that.  The “W” is not missing.  In this case, the full title is:  Integrate-Integrate or No Deal. The fine gentlemen at Ingersoll Rand were in the office for […]