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First BIM Lawsuit Settled

May 30, 2011


An agreement has been reached in what is believed to be the first design- or construction-related lawsuit involving building information modeling (BIM). Generally prior related case law helps guide later decisions in similar lawsuits. However, BIM is a new frontier for construction law. For this reason, many people in and tangentially related to construction are paying attention […]

The Imperfect Science of Construction Estimates

May 27, 2011


This week I heard from a CEO that a medical office building (MOB) his hospital system was planning came in so under-budget compared to their strategic plan, they decided to buy two: one for their main campus and a duplicate for a satellite location. Good for him:  leverage the power of money to its fullest in an underwhelming […]

Is Your Info Reliable?

May 25, 2011


I read an industry roundtable summary from the International Interior Design Assocation (IIDA). It described how those seeking information from the design industry are overwhelmed toward paralysis with information, and are unsure how to proceed in many cases. I feel this encapsulates the parallel condition many hospital owners find themselves. The golden rule:  ‘Just get me […]

‘Universal Design Architecture’s Next Great Frontier’

May 23, 2011


Had I known Architect magazine had a one-page piece on universal design in its May 2011 issue, I would have referenced it in my recent blog posting on the same subject. What I found interesting in this article is the similar acknowledgement that universal design will only grow in importance in the near future. The […]

BIM for Building Management

May 20, 2011


Recently I spoke with a friend who works for a national group purchasing organization (GPO). He was picking my brain on new procurement opportunities his GPO could offer his member hospitals. As our talk evolved toward building maintenance and management, he asked if I was familiar with a particular software for hospital owners to manage their […]

Universal Design’s Role in Our Future

May 18, 2011


Designers and building owners often stick their heads in the sand when new regulations are discussed. Many are in denial that sustainability is law in several localities, and some still grit their teeth when having to comply with the American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADA / ADAAG). In some respect this is natural with […]

Savings in Waste Management

May 16, 2011


Right now hospitals are looking for any way to reduce expenses. Why not look in the trash? In my career, I have had several projects with a waste management component and two healthcare projects focused solely on hospital trash. No, I cannot claim to love trash the way Oscar the Grouch does. Yet those projects […]