Healthcare: Where the Cool Kids Hang

Posted on February 10, 2014


Healthcare is the place to be.  Want proof?

  1. Healthcare is adapting retail concepts to help solve way finding problems, so says the Wall Street Journal.  A hospital as hip as an airport or mall?!
  2. Healthcare, and wellness, are a #1 venture capital target for disruptive innovation and entrepreneurial investment—especially outsiders.
  3. Healthcare is interesting enough to catch Walmart’s attention, and money.
  4. And now, Nintendo is entering healthcare.

Healthcare has street cred just by brushing up against video gaming, right?

In all seriousness, if Nintendo is entering the healthcare market as a last-ditch effort to make a quick buck (Becker’s reported they have had three years of financial losses), they might want to reconsider.  However, if they want to leverage Wii and some other new ideas into wellness…that might have legs.

Like the iPhone, the Wii was touted as a larger-than-life invention, though the Wii has grown a bit stale of late.  When introduced, Wii was quickly mentioned as a fun way to experience games in a real, physical way.  I heard of some care providers using them in nursing homes and rehabilitation units to engage residents and patients socially and clinically, respectively.  Heck, healthcare conferences have had Wii gaming rooms set up for social mixers.  Maybe that makes it un-cool.

Perhaps it has taken Nintendo this long to legitimately accept healthcare as a potential market for Wii.  If so, better late than never.

Right now, healthcare has plenty of room on the band wagon.  Then, when the chic factor is sapped by the masses, the Cool Kids will have find another place to go.  Just follow the money.