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Infection Control Primer, Part II

May 8, 2014


Infection Control Primer, Part I Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) continue to be an important focus in hospitals from a risk management standpoint, and like biology, they are always evolving.  The infection problems du jour may not be the same ones five years from now.  Regardless, I present the second part to my infection control design and construction primer, […]

Code Minimums Not Enough

July 2, 2013


I further clarified my position on disaster preparedness for healthcare in this blog post for Haskell. The bottom line: code minimums are not enough, especially when lives depend on a 24/7 hospital—not a 72-hour hospital. For links on my related disaster and infrastructure posts: Cogen power and medical records HC data / systems disaster prep […]

Terra Firma Could Thwart HC Terror

June 26, 2013


Fast Company’s May issue highlights how some companies like Iron Mountain and Google handle operations risk that exist around their cloud services, or data-processing and storage based on remote server locations. The concerns these Wall Street leaders have center around disruption due to: • Terrorism (physical, biological, chemical) • Heat • Adverse weather • Power […]

In-In or No Deal

June 10, 2013


Many have heard the “win-win or no deal” statement bandied about in negotiation—mutual benefit for both parties or no agreement. Well, this has nothing to do with that.  The “W” is not missing.  In this case, the full title is:  Integrate-Integrate or No Deal. The fine gentlemen at Ingersoll Rand were in the office for […]

Research to HC: Air it Out with Operable Windows

May 15, 2013


For those who have not caught my post last week on new research about operable windows in hospitals and their role in infection control, the post was for Haskell’s (my company’s) blog, InMotion.

Infection Control Primer, Part I

May 9, 2013


If you start a discussion about infection control with a hospital administrator, hand washing is likely to come up—and hand washing is a proven method for clinical cleanliness.  However, from a design standpoint, hand washing is a micro-level tactic to combat the 900-pound gorilla that is infection prevention.  There are macro-level strategies that, if not […]

States: Euthanize Antiquated CON Acts

November 27, 2012


Imagine your company wanted to make a $37 million investment to grow its business.  This decision would make your business stronger and more stable, help serve the community in which it is located in a new way, as well as provide new jobs and boost the economy. The only catch:  there is an expensive regulatory process which could […]