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Design-Build Storms Healthcare

November 30, 2010


It is not every day that your client’s project makes the cover of Healthcare Design magazine, so I must toot my horn a little. Haskell’s recently completed St. John Broken Arrow hospital graces the November 2010 cover as an ideal example of how design-build works for healthcare facilities. I have heard every story and excuse […]

Planetree Prominent at HCD.10

November 29, 2010


I may have mentioned before that each conference has an unspoken theme, an informal thread that unconsciously runs through the days events. Although the pallor of healthcare reform hung in the air at HCD.10, two weeks ago I picked up on a lot of Planetree mentions. Sometimes the reference was overt, as in my seminar […]

Find the Green for Green Design

November 26, 2010


In a recent post I explored how a design team can provide added value for an owner by assisting in financing a project. This has been a key for owners of historic structures who want to adaptively reuse or restore their facilities; they often tap resources to help realize a project that might otherwise cost a premium or […]

Moisture Control Not Rocket Science

November 24, 2010


In Florida, architects have been beat over the head with best practices for ‘designing for mold’, a.k.a. moisture control. I believe the impetus for this focus is to combat a legal environment where mold has evolved into fertile territory for copious lawsuits based on media attention, public sentiment and asthma prevalence. The topic has been […]

Prevention Planned In New Facility

November 23, 2010


As healthcare costs continue to rise, healthcare prevention—as in, acting proactively in the present to avoid catastrophic health problems in the future—is getting increased emphasis. Nevertheless, much talk has lead to little action thus far, as prevention requires more than a world view shift on the patient end but also a paradigm shift on the […]

What is an Appropriate Task?

November 22, 2010


Of the myriad examples of ways to make healthcare more efficient and thus more affordable, I keep coming across the idea of clarifying job duties. Strangely, I have read two strategies that appear to be contradictory. The first calls for hospitals to assign tasks appropriately; that is, individuals should do only the work for which […]

Book Review: Broken Buildings Busted Budgets

November 19, 2010


Barry LePatner’s book Broken Buildings Busted Budgets has provided some questions for my own practice and thoughts on the design and construction industries, which I have used to explore through posts. For those that have struggled to understand the gist of LePatner’s book, let me provide the Cliff’s Notes. LePatner touches on many subjects tangential to […]