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Is Design-Build Like an ACO?

October 30, 2011


Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) remain scary territory in healthcare reform. Healthcare providers are still trying to figure them out. Generically defined, they are a unified group of care providers responsible for providing a total treatment package to a patient in exchange for a single payment of fee; it is a “payment for quality” not a […]

How Was It for You?

October 26, 2011


At the AHCA / FHEA Conference in Orlando a few weeks ago, I shared lunch with a gentleman whose business is after-market service on hospital beds, which wins the prize for the most mundane healthcare business in my book. I asked him how he did what he did, and he described his small company almost […]

Preparing for the Real-Time

October 24, 2011


Thus far, healthcare has been…immune to some of the logistics developments over the past decade or so that have revolutionized delivery of products and services. The most obvious one that comes to mind is Walmart’s supply chain savvy, which is used primarily on the back end by the companies that supply the Walmarts and grocery […]

Go Greenery for Improved Air Quality

October 21, 2011


Plants improve air quality—maybe not a newsflash to most of you. Yet as a follow-up to my recent pieces on design and indoor air quality, I have a short piece worth pointing out from the November issue of Reader’s Digest (I read most everything I can get my hands on). RD cites a Wall Street Journal article […]

Avoiding Conflict Escalation on Projects

October 20, 2011


A couple years ago I tuned into an AIA webinar that described ways architects could avoid legal issues on projects. Some of the points I picked up have sufaced from time-to-time, luckily on projects I have not worked on. It seems relevant to relate a few of the more useful, universal ideas, which are particularly applicable to healthcare […]

Air Quality Expectations

October 17, 2011


While traveling in the Atlanta airport last week, something strange happened:  I walked into a restaurant serving breakfast that allowed smoking. I had just landed in the D concourse after the early flight from Jacksonville, about 7:40am.  I had already been up for several hours, and with a decent layover, I thought I would grab […]

Design-Build a Simplified Tool

October 10, 2011


Fast Company had an article recently that touched on a well-recognized, yet simple and powerful entrepreneurial formula: take an expensive product available to the few, and make it simple and affordable to many, and you have a winner. A somewhat public display of this strategy was Nicolas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child mission initiated several […]