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Your Design-Builder is an Emotional Decision

September 30, 2011


In the September issue of Fast Company is an article on “neuromarketing”, or the study of how the brain works on an emotional level in order to more accurately position or market a product or company. If you have seen the movie Inception, you understand how intriguing a theoretical venture into the subconscious can be. […]

Plant Life in Hospitals

September 29, 2011


Three weeks ago I toured a new critical access hospital in West Virginia and saw a lot of something I feel more hospitals should have:  plants. This hospital showcased potted plants, flowers and small trees in larger spaces like the lobby and waiting areas. I particularly enjoyed a few corridors that had multiple plant sconces with greeny-growies, […]

The Power of Certainty

September 26, 2011


Two weeks ago I was zipping around in a rental car with satellite radio, a treat because of the various themed stations I rarely get to enjoy otherwise. One of the stations I spent some time listening to was the Bloomberg feed, which attempted to explain Americans’ inconsistent and fearful interaction with the stock market […]

Benchmarking a Treasure Chest of Info

September 23, 2011


Read my latest post for the blog at Healthcare Building Ideas magazine here.

Replacement or Renovation Six-Pack

September 21, 2011


Any hospital or system which has a strategic master plan at least four years old possesses a largely useless study.  Since 2007, economic and legislative changes have put previously-scoped capital project plans back in play. For some, that means revisiting whether a project is necessary; for others it may mean redefining the program, or maybe even starting a project […]

Most Troublesome Design Shortcomings

September 19, 2011


An architect colleague and I were talking about an architect’s responsibility to his client. Our discussion morphed into the gray area of design:  an exploration of “street legal” design decisions which an owner has a difficult time living with. The goal of our debate was not professional “errors and omissions” in hospitals, and definitely not illegal work […]

Healthcare Project Value Defined

September 12, 2011


Value is a word that is generic enough to be used without anyone really pinning down its meaning. It sounds good, but is used way too often without definition. For a definition of value, I offer:  “a collection of more favorable benefits gained through trade of something (usually money) with less usefulness.”  This is really the core of commerce:  increased utility […]