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Biowalls: A Redux

May 22, 2014


In late 2011, I blogged about a biowall installation in a Drexel University building.  Generally, plant life is not very plentiful in hospitals—despite the indoor environmental benefits they provide like toxin filtering, oxygen production, temperature moderation, and aesthetic / calming benefits to building users. When I discovered the Drexel Papadakis Building biowall 30 months ago, not […]

Antimicrobials in HC: Synthetic vs. Natural

January 20, 2014


I will be the first to admit microbiology is not a formidable weapon in my knowledge arsenal.  Although as a parent, patient, and healthcare design professional, I care to know the options available to keep surfaces germ-free. Antibacterial hand soaps have been a focus of the FDA lately due to the belief we may be […]

Can Hospitals Create Universal Comfort?

January 14, 2014


Last fall, I listened to the Healthcare Design Conference (HCD.13) keynote speaker, Thomas Goetz talk about “hardware vs. software”. Among many salient points, he was the latest to build on the argument that healthcare’s focus on the infrastructure to deliver care has created a barrier to the emotional well-being of the patient, which is a […]

Infection Control Primer, Part I

May 9, 2013


If you start a discussion about infection control with a hospital administrator, hand washing is likely to come up—and hand washing is a proven method for clinical cleanliness.  However, from a design standpoint, hand washing is a micro-level tactic to combat the 900-pound gorilla that is infection prevention.  There are macro-level strategies that, if not […]

Children’s Hospital Design Not Standing Still

May 2, 2013


After reading about the monstrous investments made by several children’s hospitals nationwide, I thought long and hard about how I should react. The designs showcased in the WSJ article suggested desperation, waste.  The expression “lipstick on a pig” came to mind.  Then I remembered an earlier quote from one of my previous posts, where savvy […]

U.S. Infection Control Could Learn From Europe

November 7, 2012


Many architects dismiss vendors who want to come to their firm and pitch their wares. Not me. I find vendor presentations an easy and rewarding way to keep up with industry products—and not just because of the CEUs and free lunches. I especially like to attend lunch-and-learns on products that are not healthcare related, to make sure […]

Healthcare Interiors Trends 2012

November 5, 2012


Trend mining is like panning for gold. Every once in a while a nugget is found, but it can take a large volume to find what you are looking for. Medical Construction + Design’s Sept/Oct issue (pages 40-1) has a healthcare article that touched on four new interiors trends.  Unbeknownst to trend prognosticators, one designer’s trend is another designer’s best practice. Only […]