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First BIM Lawsuit Settled

May 30, 2011


An agreement has been reached in what is believed to be the first design- or construction-related lawsuit involving building information modeling (BIM). Generally prior related case law helps guide later decisions in similar lawsuits. However, BIM is a new frontier for construction law. For this reason, many people in and tangentially related to construction are paying attention […]

BIM for Building Management

May 20, 2011


Recently I spoke with a friend who works for a national group purchasing organization (GPO). He was picking my brain on new procurement opportunities his GPO could offer his member hospitals. As our talk evolved toward building maintenance and management, he asked if I was familiar with a particular software for hospital owners to manage their […]

Paperless: Real or Ideal?

October 27, 2010


NOTE:  Over the next week or so, I will become a featured blogger for both Healthcare Design (HD) and Healthcare Building Ideas (HBI) magazines. When I create content for those blogs, I will provide a short link here to those posts.  Likewise, the HD/HBI blog posts will have a short end note or link to this blog, “Owner’s […]

Dusting Off the Master Plan

August 25, 2010


Let’s face it:  the old 15, 20, 25-year master plan is dead. It is simply too difficult to plan that far into the future. No one knows what healthcare will look like five years out. Given the speed of information and industry change, forcasting is minimally fruitful due to its relative inaccuracy. Technologic, informational, economic and legislative […]

BIM is No Integration Proxy

July 4, 2010


While watching the World Cup soccer finals, it is easy to see why one player fouls another:  to make up for a weakness. Compared to the superior player, the offending player is either fatigued, strategically outmaneuvered, lacks speed, or is simply not as skilled. Project teams with little or no experience in the finely-tuned integration machine […]

BIM and the iPhone App Effect

May 24, 2010


As handy as BIM is, it needs add-on programs, or “apps” (applications), to enhance its power. Some examples of software that my company uses to amplify Revit’s (our BIM software) usefulness are Building Explorer and eSPECS. This is no slight to Revit. In fact, it is a complement to Revit’s developers that they have created a software popular enough that others have developed programs to overlay […]

BIM and Construction Admin

May 3, 2010


I am currently in the construction administration (CA) phase of a project, and let me tell you, BIM makes all the difference with this task. BIM is interpreted as a design tool, but one of its less understood strengths is in construction coordination, well after formal design is complete. At work I use Revit, and I find it […]