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Data Driven Healthcare Design

October 31, 2012


The World Series just wrapped up, and a Bay Area team won, but not mine. I am an Oakland Athletics fan, and the A’s were eliminated in the playoffs this year by the Detroit Tigers, who played opposite the San Francisco Giants, the new World Series champions. The Oakland A’s are best known over the […]

Why Hospitals Don’t Buy

October 29, 2012


A week or so ago I blogged about the “noise” in the healthcare market, and how that noise affects strategy for companies trying to better service healthcare providers. Right now, architects and builders simply do not know what hospitals need, what they are going to do, or why, so it is a challenge to provide market-leading thought […]

The Customer is Almost Always Right

October 25, 2012


Last week, a conversation with a hospital administrator reminded me of a group practice facility I worked on a few years ago.  The project involved fifteen specialties and twelve practices over five floors and 125,000+ square feet.  Keeping everyone happy was more than a design challenge, and design did get challenged. As my talk reminded me, […]

Cap-and-Trade is Coming

October 23, 2012


To better elucidate the benefits of cogenerated power (aka Combined Heat and Power, or CHP), consider cap-and-trade regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions via permits. California is prepared to roll out the nation’s first statewide cap-and-trade program.  Buildings magazine reports that under the initial effort, California’s Air Resource Board (ARB) will register 400 primarily industrial and utility facilities.  Permits worth […]

Cutting Through the Noise

October 22, 2012


Business owners and marketing professionals especially, call general blather and inflated industry talk “noise”.  Noise is generated by uninformed media, irresponsible journalism, and hollow reports trying to predict things that cannot be predicted. Somewhere in the noise is a nugget or two of fact and useful information, but for the most part, noise distracts and confuses people trying to […]

Growth Prospect: Cogenerated Power

October 10, 2012


Portfolio theory garnered the Nobel Prize in economics because of an innovative approach to a long-standing finance conundrum: how to maximize financial return for a given risk profile. In a nutshell, portfolio theory proved that by spreading risk among several different investments, financial risk would be substantially minimized, thus maximizing financial returns. Although there is […]

Efficient Investment in Beds

October 8, 2012


Depending on who you ask, hospital beds are either something worth stockpiling, or more likely to sit vacant in the next few years.  Those who think beds will be empty cite a huge transition from inpatient to outpatient care, while those who desire more beds cite the sheer numbers of aging Baby Boomers. This is one example […]

A/E/C Fees Not Worth a War

October 4, 2012


In his hilarious stand-up, “For What It’s Worth”, comedian Dave Chappelle set up a humorous routine on judgment and capabilities of kids in the news when he famously asked: “How old is fifteen, really?” Borrowing Chappelle’s approach, in regard to judgment and capabilities of A/E/C teams (but with all humor aside) I now ask:  how […]

Report: Non-Profit CEOs Make Plenty

October 2, 2012


One of the traditional knocks on non-profit healthcare’s financial woes is that ‘they don’t run themselves like a business.’ I can only speak to the operational aspects, indirectly, through my lens as a designer and consultant. Sure, there are challenges, but a lot of improvement and progress is happening as well, particularly since PPACA. However, when it […]

New VA Smoking Policies Too Weak

October 1, 2012


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides lifelong healthcare to our nation’s military veterans. Commonly referred to as VA hospitals, these facilities have historically been neglected infrastructure. Although over the past ten to fifteen years, the Federal government has invested heavily in updating, replacing, and expanding military and VA facilities. The Federal government’s record on design and […]