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Planning for Aging In Place

March 30, 2011


Design for the aging is a subject not often discussed or written about in mainstream architecture magazines, which is why its presence in January’s Architect magazine made it all the more refreshing. Architect Matthias Hollwich’s views on growing old and design for the aging were the focus of the article.  I found his views hopeful; […]

Healthcare Reform Quiz

March 29, 2011


Let’s add some levity to our healthcare discussion. Now that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is one year in the books, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation created an interactive quiz to gauge the general public’s knowledge about the health reform law.  I scored a 5/10. By the way, there is no cramming for this one; the […]

Break from the Project Grind

March 28, 2011


Owners with big budgets and facilities staffs tend to build more often than most.  They have the benefit of honing their project management to deliver their needs right on target. Smaller hospitals usually do not have those resources—big budgets, frequent projects, facilities staff. Those who have to do much with little might enjoy a break from […]

PDC 2011 Review: More with Less

March 25, 2011


For a quick overview of the ASHE 2011 Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) Healthcare Summit, visit my recent post on Healthcare Building Ideas’ blog.

Hiring for Healthcare Experience

March 23, 2011


Hospitals are sometimes torn with the choice of who to hire to do their next project. A savvy hospital board will question a team’s qualifications for every project:  is the firm that we used last time, or that we always use, really qualified for this next project? Such a scenario plays out in rural areas […]

Rise of Specialty Consultants

March 21, 2011


Recently I read an article in a trade magazine on the benefits of a roofing consultant. I read how this person would provide an owner with these benefits:  a roof assessment, help manage a roofing budget, provide roof design services, administer construction, and inspect during construction. To me, these services are an exact match to […]

IPD: Hospital Board’s New Clothes?

March 18, 2011


Integrated Project Delivery:  everyone says they do it, and then quickly scramble to learn about it when a client wants it implemented. For companies that work in an integrated manner already, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is old news.  Several firms were doing it before it had a name, which is why I often say Haskell does integrated […]