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Energy Trends to Affect Hospitals, Part II

November 28, 2011


See previous post “Energy Trends to Affect Hospitals, Part I” Cogen power.  Cogen(erated) power is a way of creating power that captures and uses the waste heat byproduct from power generation (usually from burning). For example, in the process of generating electricity from coal or natural gas, heat is generated and typically discharged via steam through a […]

Energy Trends to Affect Hospitals, Part I

November 25, 2011


The latest technology gadgets, whether the newest smart phone or social network, are easy to digest and deal with when the time is appropriate. Unless there is a desire for the particular appliance it can be ignored, as it is not likely to unavoidably insert itself into your daily life. Yes, there are people who are not a […]

Healthcare Projects Through a Debt Crisis Lens

November 21, 2011


One important cultural tenet, in this time of more-or-less global economic malaise, is fiscal responsibility. Faced with the European Debt Crisis, fiscal responsiblity for countries hoping to survive has translated lately into “austerity measures”.  Austerity measures are aggressive attempts to get a country’s financial house in order in double-time; it includes large scale debt reduction, spending freezes, paring down […]

Some Perspective on System Redundancy

November 16, 2011


Hospital Operations and Facilities leadership: I have some ammunition for your next internal discussions on system redundancy—or at least an outside perspective. It comes in the fashion of a glimpse inside credit card company, Visa. In this month’s issue of Fast Company, writer Michael Fitzgerald takes a rare look inside the brains of Visa’s network […]

Walmart May Throw Hat in the HC Ring

November 11, 2011


According to NPR and Kaiser Health News, Walmart has distributed an RFP seeking a healthcare partner with chronic care management expertise. It is believed the big box retailer wants to mobilize on a more aggressive care model than the in-store clinics that exist in their stores. Interestingly, Walmart has come under fire for reducing healthcare benefits to […]

CON Process Under Review in NC

November 9, 2011


In one of the most hotly-contested certificate of need (CON) states around, North Carolina is considering a revision to its CON process.  Becker’s reports (via the Charlotte Business Journal) the State of North Carolina’s House Select Committee on Certificate of Need and Hospital-Related Issues is meeting to discuss revisions. I follow the North Carolina market, and […]

Solidify Infrastructure Before Expansion

November 7, 2011


As many retail enterprises are aware, whether their eyes are on IPOs or simply survival, growth too fast can be the kiss of death. Hospitals and healthcare systems poised to do battle in suburbia and elsewhere via the outpatient clinic model, likewise, have much more to think about than simply location, location, location. Retailization themes […]