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Selling the Fear Factor

November 30, 2012


One of the most cringe-worthy lines in sales occurs when a salesman states he wants to “find the pain” of a prospect, or to surreptitiously identify “what keeps [the prospect] up at night”. Every employed person has individual as well as organizational responsibilities.  Outside a hospital’s inner management circle, it is difficult for anyone to know what scares a hospital administrator. […]

Turbo Tax Akin to Design-Build

May 30, 2012


My bank statement this month officially concluded my Turbo Tax 2012 experience as a resounding success; it confirmed my auto-deposit tax refund from the federal government. Tax season may have begun and ended months ago for accountants and those who like to get an early start. Me?  This year was the latest I have ever […]

Design-Build’s Image Crisis

May 16, 2012


Like many other machinations of industry, design-build (DB) has evolved. What was once a new idea and an exciting concept, is not so novel anymore, especially with groups touting Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). IPD is the new kid in school everyone wants to befriend. Part of being new is the excitement. The other part of […]

Design-Build Like Project Insurance

February 8, 2012


In 2008, Southwest Airlines was turning a profit while its competitors were sucking wind. Unlike its competitors, Southwest gained tremendous momentum instead of raising prices, instituting new fees and looking to consolidate merely to survive. How did they do it?  Southwest reaped the benefits of some shrewd disaster planning during their boom years. In the prior decade, Southwest invested millions in […]

Benefits of a Design-Build Veteran

January 26, 2012


Healthcare administrators often require significant experience in the project type of their upcoming project before considering a design and construction team. For instance, if a health system is doing a cancer center, it may insist on a team having five completed cancer centers in its portfolio. Such a requirement helps confirm a team will be less […]

Design-Build: Who Leads?

January 4, 2012


When discussing how Haskell executes its projects, I am sometimes asked: “Are your design-build projects contractor-led or design-led?”  This question puzzles me. As a company that has everyone working under the same roof for the same company flag, I answer “both”.  To me, design-build is like our country’s legislature:  “bicameral”, to borrow a civics term. Bicameral means having […]

Design-Build: Desperate or Savvy?

December 9, 2011


If a person looks around at private businesses and their attitude toward the changing healthcare market, they will see companies doing some gutsy things. For example:  on the provider side, you have Highmark, a health insurer, purchasing an entire hospital system in a metro region to secure a client base and go head-to-head with other […]