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Workplace (and Hospital) Superstitions?

May 13, 2014


A surprising statistic and graphic caught my attention while reading the latest Fast Company:  45% of workers engage in superstitious activity at work at least once a day. Superstitious activity ran the gamut from recognized acts like throwing salt over the shoulder (done more often at work than you think, apparently) to routines like wearing “lucky” clothing.  That statistic includes […]

Why Processes Matter Most in HC, Part II

March 28, 2014


[Click for “Why Processes Matter Most in HC, Part I”] This concept is made very clear in sports. When a key guard and defensive specialist gets hurt in a basketball game, the coach says, ‘next man up’. The coach does not switch from man-to-man to zone defense (process) because one of his star players (resource) […]

Why Processes Matter Most in HC, Part I

March 27, 2014


Among the many cultural paradigm shifts under way in healthcare, arguably the most important is the understanding that, simply put:  processes rule. Paraphrasing Harvard Business School professor, author, and innovation expert Clayton Christensen, a business organizes three ingredients for long-term success:  priorities, resources and processes.  First, an entity identifies priorities to deliver a product or service. […]

Bullying in Medical School…and Everywhere Else

August 15, 2012


Earlier this week, I read a short report about bullying in medical school. According to a report in Academic Medicine, and a recent New York Times article, which based its story on some UCLA School of Medicine findings, 60% of 3rd year medical residents experienced bullying, defined as “verbal, physical or power abuse” or being […]

Foot Traffic Patterns Traced via Technology

March 29, 2012


Fast Company’s March issue portrays a diagram of Sporting Kansas City’s (the MLS soccer team in KC) hi-tech “wired” stadium, Livestrong Sporting Park. The stadium’s technology components were highly influenced by the CIO of the soccer club, Asim Pasha, and are based on the premise of a highly interactive fan experience using technology each person […]

Charrette Process Essential for Buy-In

August 24, 2011


A charrette may be the most influential tool at a design team’s disposal. For those unfamiliar with what a charrette is, I will briefly define this important activity. Charrette is an architectural term for a short, intense design exercise. In school, it meant a furious individual effort to meet a project deadline. In the working world, it is more […]

Anthropology Underutilized In Healthcare Design

May 6, 2011


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