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Turbo Tax Akin to Design-Build

May 30, 2012


My bank statement this month officially concluded my Turbo Tax 2012 experience as a resounding success; it confirmed my auto-deposit tax refund from the federal government. Tax season may have begun and ended months ago for accountants and those who like to get an early start. Me?  This year was the latest I have ever […]

Stormwater Fees Scary for Hospitals

May 24, 2012


If my last post on hospitals’ possible water wars and proactive water reuse was not persuasive enough, maybe treble stormwater fees might do the trick. A recent trade magazine (Buildings?) reported on some localities tripling stormwater fee assessments for city dwellers.  The average homeowner may not balk at a rate hike from $24 to over $57 a […]

Real Estate, Third Parties, and the Mission

May 22, 2012


By nature of the crowd and organizer, the BOMA Medical Office Building conference a few weeks ago was bullish on outside capital investment and real estate management in healthcare. What I picked up was an undercurrent of hesitance by healthcare systems to ‘go outside’ for financing and help managing their real estate, unless it was a last resort. On […]

Hospitals’ Future Fight: Water?!

May 18, 2012


When companies like General Electric create entire divisions centered around a market, it likely means there is an economic opportunity. We know GE Healthcare.  How many are familiar with GE Water? Energy and natural resources are a big deal, and only getting bigger. Both have received more attention in light of sustainability measures, especially in healthcare design and construction. […]

Design-Build’s Image Crisis

May 16, 2012


Like many other machinations of industry, design-build (DB) has evolved. What was once a new idea and an exciting concept, is not so novel anymore, especially with groups touting Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). IPD is the new kid in school everyone wants to befriend. Part of being new is the excitement. The other part of […]

HC Real Estate – 13 Rumblings in 2012

May 14, 2012


Two weeks ago, I attended the annual BOMA Medical Office Building conference, and still I am trying to digest what I heard—not all of which was of a consistent message.  The conference was a mix of points-of-view on real estate, finance, healthcare and design topics. Here is a baker’s dozen of things I heard that best […]

Store-Brands of Project Delivery

May 11, 2012


These soups have soft, almost mushy noodles.  Food Lion’s flavors are a little more intense, the dehydrated spice taste is not as pronounced, and the soup doesn’t leave as much of a fatty feeling in the mouth.  The Campbell’s broth is oily, with fatty pieces of chicken, and it leaves a lingering taste of garlic […]