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Ignorance…Definitely Not HC Bliss

September 19, 2013


I take criticism very seriously.  As an architecture student, I was well-prepared by the design studio jury process to field almost any negative attack on my design (or me) regardless of relevance. Perhaps the most biting piece I’ve ever received was this: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  It is the kind of comment […]

U.S. Healthcare: Cut Out Middlemen

September 13, 2013


In the June issue of Fast Company, the article “Giving and Relieving” profiles GiveDirectly, an organization formed to better distribute aid to the third-world’s disadvantaged. Their premise: research shows giving cash directly to needy individuals is the most efficient and effective way to improve quality of life.  The main benefit is no money or aid […]

Healthcare Sustainability in Technicolor

September 10, 2013


“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” This statement is recognizable to many as a Henry Ford quote describing the options around his Model T, introduced in 1909.  Its creative framing of a lack of choice was a relevant analog for sustainable design programs […]

The Dark Side of Big Data in HC

September 4, 2013


No sooner had I written about the massive impact of healthcare IT—and potential pitfalls in managing essential yet private personal patient data—than a triad of bad news regarding data integrity hit my inbox. First, the Adventist Health System had a security breach that led to more than 740,000 patient records being sold to private entities, […]