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Selling the Fear Factor

November 30, 2012


One of the most cringe-worthy lines in sales occurs when a salesman states he wants to “find the pain” of a prospect, or to surreptitiously identify “what keeps [the prospect] up at night”. Every employed person has individual as well as organizational responsibilities.  Outside a hospital’s inner management circle, it is difficult for anyone to know what scares a hospital administrator. […]

States: Euthanize Antiquated CON Acts

November 27, 2012


Imagine your company wanted to make a $37 million investment to grow its business.  This decision would make your business stronger and more stable, help serve the community in which it is located in a new way, as well as provide new jobs and boost the economy. The only catch:  there is an expensive regulatory process which could […]

Healthcare is a Human Resources Puzzle

November 19, 2012


Every once in a while, a total stranger provides me with the perfect quotation to communicate a concept with which I have been previously unsuccessful. October 29 was one of those days. That is when Gerard van Grinsven, CEO of Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, offered the following quote: “From a financial perspective, the environment we have […]

Psychology & Happiness (in Project Delivery), Part II

November 15, 2012


[See previous post for Part I] So what contributes to a happy project? Psychologists suggest that when asked about our most happy times, people tend to recall “an intense, hive-like group experience”. This hypothesis fits my own life. I clearly remember two summer camps in particular, the soccer teams I played on in my youth, […]

Psychology & Happiness (in Project Delivery), Part I

November 13, 2012


Poll enough healthcare executives and it would not be unusual to hear project delivery compared to baby delivery:  laborious, painful and never the same experience. Is project delivery ever a happy endeavor?  If so, how?  Can it be achieved with regularity? Happiness may appear mercurial, yet it is a fashionable pursuit at the moment. Researchers note how current […]

U.S. Infection Control Could Learn From Europe

November 7, 2012


Many architects dismiss vendors who want to come to their firm and pitch their wares. Not me. I find vendor presentations an easy and rewarding way to keep up with industry products—and not just because of the CEUs and free lunches. I especially like to attend lunch-and-learns on products that are not healthcare related, to make sure […]

Healthcare Interiors Trends 2012

November 5, 2012


Trend mining is like panning for gold. Every once in a while a nugget is found, but it can take a large volume to find what you are looking for. Medical Construction + Design’s Sept/Oct issue (pages 40-1) has a healthcare article that touched on four new interiors trends.  Unbeknownst to trend prognosticators, one designer’s trend is another designer’s best practice. Only […]