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2010 NRHA Conference Notes

May 29, 2010


Last week I attended the National Rural Health Association’s Annual Rural Health Conference in Savannah, and really enjoyed myself.  Of course the venue, Savannah’s Trade and Convention Center, is so ideally situated in an historic and urban environment, it was hard not to.  I was a first-time attendee and learned a great deal. Dr. Joycelyn Elders, […]

A Low-Tech but Powerful IPD Tool

May 28, 2010


Long before any of the current best practices du jour in project management, design collaboration with the owner especially in health care, meant full-scale vignettes of a suite, room or wall layout to make sure things worked the way they were designed.  These dress rehearsals, or mock-ups, have always been important in highly program-driven work.  The more a new […]

Collaboration is Elusive

May 26, 2010


Collaboration to most artists means seeking temporary inspiration from an unlikely source to gain creative synergy. In some instances, an injection of unique insight from an unrelated perspective can jumpstart a project. In the design world graphic designer Bruce Mau has always been an outspoken advocate of cross-pollination from diverse industries.  His collaboration with architect Rem Koolhaas produced the […]

BIM and the iPhone App Effect

May 24, 2010


As handy as BIM is, it needs add-on programs, or “apps” (applications), to enhance its power. Some examples of software that my company uses to amplify Revit’s (our BIM software) usefulness are Building Explorer and eSPECS. This is no slight to Revit. In fact, it is a complement to Revit’s developers that they have created a software popular enough that others have developed programs to overlay […]

Cleveland Healthcare Has Venture Feel

May 22, 2010


In its future-gazing “Fast Cities 2010” profile, Fast Company provides a nod to Cleveland’s healthcare heavyweights—Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Summa Health System—and Case Western Reserve University for helping establish BioEnterprise. BioEnterprise is what many mid-sized cities (the Baltimores, the Charlottes, the Denvers) covet: a legitimate start-up incubator; in this case, for healthcare. Incubators, which lead to innovation hotspots […]

HIPAA Musings

May 20, 2010


Is it good customer service to require a husband to call a hospital ‘hotline’ and supply a patient code to receive a status update on his wife? No. Yet this is what was asked of me recently.  This particular facility is not Grand Central Station, mind you; more importantly, it is not a reasonable application […]

Commissioning (Cx) Not Just for LEED

May 18, 2010


Energy usage and the industry of energy production can be parsed many different ways in relation to building design, engineering and construction. The currently active LEED programs deal mainly with new construction, although new construction is a very small fraction of the existing inventory of our built environment. Prevailing thought on how to save energy for […]