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Green Smarts and Your HC Landscape

January 22, 2014


Paving is bad. Turf is better. Meadow is best. This is a pithy, nine-word summary of how to sensitively approach your hospital’s landscape design according to a landscape architect I heard speak recently. I learned other interesting facts about best approaches to a hospital’s campus.  For instance, the cost to maintain one acre of turf […]

New VA Smoking Policies Too Weak

October 1, 2012


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides lifelong healthcare to our nation’s military veterans. Commonly referred to as VA hospitals, these facilities have historically been neglected infrastructure. Although over the past ten to fifteen years, the Federal government has invested heavily in updating, replacing, and expanding military and VA facilities. The Federal government’s record on design and […]

Stormwater Fees Scary for Hospitals

May 24, 2012


If my last post on hospitals’ possible water wars and proactive water reuse was not persuasive enough, maybe treble stormwater fees might do the trick. A recent trade magazine (Buildings?) reported on some localities tripling stormwater fee assessments for city dwellers.  The average homeowner may not balk at a rate hike from $24 to over $57 a […]

The Parking Conundrum

February 9, 2011


At some point or another, a hospital, regardless of size, will run into a parking squeeze.  I have seen it at the critical access hospital (CAH) level, at community hospitals, and well-known regional medical centers. The scale of the problem is relative to the institution, but parking is still an issue—even at suburban and rural hospitals. Almost […]

Seven Hints for Healthcare Campus

July 28, 2010


A hospital campus’s outdoor spaces take a back seat to bona fide treatment areas inside; however, the outside should not be discounted as a productive part of the hospital environment, especially in picturesque and less urban areas. A hospital’s exterior can complement building interiors, provide overflow capacity, allow for relaxation and mental breaks, and enhance […]

Wolfson Children’s Hospital Herb Garden

June 9, 2010


In a nod to the Local food movement, and continuing a trend on horticultural therapy, Jacksonville’s Wolfson Children’s Hospital has started a rooftop herb garden.  The garden is tended by youngster patients at the hospital and will help supply the facility’s kitchen with fresh herbs. David Coram, Director of Food and Nutritional Services for Baptist Medical Center, […]

Great Outdoors & Healing

April 29, 2010


Evidence-based design has been proving the benefits of nature in healing for some time. Healing gardens are popular ways of buiding the outdoors into the treatment environment. In addition, growing your own food and urban farming have been catching on in cities, both as a way to fight hunger, but also to combat various urban […]