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Can Hospitals Create Universal Comfort?

January 14, 2014


Last fall, I listened to the Healthcare Design Conference (HCD.13) keynote speaker, Thomas Goetz talk about “hardware vs. software”. Among many salient points, he was the latest to build on the argument that healthcare’s focus on the infrastructure to deliver care has created a barrier to the emotional well-being of the patient, which is a […]

Healing With the Ear In Mind

June 12, 2013


Acoustics in hospitals is finally being heard. The loudness of the hospital environment, and its negative effect on healing, is now a topic healthcare administrators want to listen to.  I think that is because it is now linked to the CMS patient satisfaction scores, and hence reimbursement rates.  Sadly, most healthcare systems are so buried under […]

Children’s Hospital Design Not Standing Still

May 2, 2013


After reading about the monstrous investments made by several children’s hospitals nationwide, I thought long and hard about how I should react. The designs showcased in the WSJ article suggested desperation, waste.  The expression “lipstick on a pig” came to mind.  Then I remembered an earlier quote from one of my previous posts, where savvy […]

Role of Hospital Dichotomy

April 3, 2012


Two articles that encapsulate a current philosophical conflict in healthcare design are Theresa Brown’s March 14 op-ed piece “Hospitals Aren’t Hotels” in The New York Times, and Kylie Wroblaski’s article “Home Sweet Hospital” for Interiors & Sources magazine. The articles are not direct analogs in content or style; however, they do deliver two distinct, opposing messages.  Ms. […]

We Heal Differently

March 24, 2012


A few weeks ago at the 2012 PDC Summit, I was sitting in a session which examined if and how private rooms paid for themself versus more economical (from a construction financing standpoint) semi-private rooms. The presentation was pretty thorough and I found the evidence compelling in support of private rooms. Toward the end, the […]

Patient Satisfaction by way of Stomach?

March 4, 2012


Hospital food has a reputation somewhat akin to airline food—more joke-worthy than praiseworthy. Some hospitals are aiming to change that, the Wall Street Journal reports in “New Hospital Cuisine: Dishes Made to Order”. I found this article pertinent for a few reasons. First, at least one hospital noted the cost of local, fresh, even organic ingredients […]

To Capture Increased Demand

February 3, 2012


Imagine your hospital has a department that is absolutely maxed out, say imaging. Your PET and CT are taxed, and your MRI is running all day. Patients are backed up with a wait. You are turning patients away, sending them across town to a strip center MRI you do not own. Worse, the patient volume does not appear to be […]

Hospitals Without Customer Service

December 2, 2011


Customer service is not a favorite topic of mine. However, when something particularly outlandish happens, especially in healthcare, I hope it may serve as a basis for improvement and regrounding of business practices.  Yesterday I experienced a customer service 911. Details will be purposefully vague to protect the guilty. I was north of Fort Lauderdale yesterday traveling on business and […]

Air Quality Expectations

October 17, 2011


While traveling in the Atlanta airport last week, something strange happened:  I walked into a restaurant serving breakfast that allowed smoking. I had just landed in the D concourse after the early flight from Jacksonville, about 7:40am.  I had already been up for several hours, and with a decent layover, I thought I would grab […]

Patient Experience Number Two

May 11, 2011


Despite some inaccurate headlines about the recent Beryl Institute study on patient experience, which shows that although hospital leaders rank patient experience as one of several top priorities, quality / patient safety is number one.  Patient experience is number two. The landmark patient experience survey of more than 790 hospital executives revealed quality/patient safety was leaders’ top priority, ahead of […]