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Coping with Leadership Turnover

August 13, 2014


In past blog posts related to healthcare projects, I probed the value of process over people.  To clarify, I am not implying people are not important, only that a process govern the way people interact at all times—a process that is well constructed and not easily changed by the very people who attempt to work within […]

Right-Sizing at Scale: Is It Possible?

July 8, 2014


Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of touring the new Exempla St. Joseph replacement hospital in Denver. The project is known there as St. Joe Heritage or simply “Heritage”. Designed by ZGF with local architectural participation, and constructed by Mortenson, with local construction participation, it is massive—at one time the largest healthcare project in […]

Psychology & Happiness (in Project Delivery), Part II

November 15, 2012


[See previous post for Part I] So what contributes to a happy project? Psychologists suggest that when asked about our most happy times, people tend to recall “an intense, hive-like group experience”. This hypothesis fits my own life. I clearly remember two summer camps in particular, the soccer teams I played on in my youth, […]

Psychology & Happiness (in Project Delivery), Part I

November 13, 2012


Poll enough healthcare executives and it would not be unusual to hear project delivery compared to baby delivery:  laborious, painful and never the same experience. Is project delivery ever a happy endeavor?  If so, how?  Can it be achieved with regularity? Happiness may appear mercurial, yet it is a fashionable pursuit at the moment. Researchers note how current […]

One Project, Four Lessons on Quality

August 8, 2012


Several months ago, I finished built-in shelving around the fireplace in my house. The project was a joint effort. Once the rough dimensions were set, my father-in-law built and installed; I did the demo, prep and finishing. The project turned out fine. To the average visitor, it looks great. To an aesthete, it is rough […]

Ensuring a Safe Job

July 31, 2012


One of the more difficult topics to communicate to a hospital is a company’s role in, and record on, project safety. Safety is one of those slippery topics that, like quality, is challenging because it is subjective and occasionally elusive. Most owners would agree they want safety in all projects. Who could argue safety is […]

HC Design R&D Undervalued

March 20, 2012


Sometimes I hear a little cynicism pollute the air when a remark is made to the effect that ‘there’s no magic’ to healthcare design. There may not be magic at work per se; however, the role of progressive thinking, benchmarking and innovation on the design and construction sides of a project is often overlooked. In […]