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Healthcare IT: Think Huge, Then Triple It

August 29, 2013


Healthcare draws strange analogies sometimes.  Already I have read of information technology (IT) in healthcare in the context of “Big Data” (kin to Big Oil, Big Auto and Too Big to Fail).  Astronomy is not a strong suit in my scientific repertoire; however, I was always intrigued with the theories often attached to a universe: […]

Summer Interns: Thank You and Good Luck

August 28, 2013


The Doors are known for some classic rock songs; however, some of their portfolio’s relatively unknown tunes can hit just the right emotional note. One of those is a moody little lament called “Summer’s Almost Gone”—very appropriate now. Even for those in the working world, summer has meaning outside of vacations.  A few more social […]

Healthcare Pricing Transparency, Top-Down

August 26, 2013


Becker’s Review reported today that North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has signed legislation requiring all hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to submit common procedure pricing to the State.  140 common procedures will be monitored, with rates sent to the NC Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) quarterly beginning in 2014. NC is not […]

Envisioning the Wellness Future

August 22, 2013


Pro athletes will occasionally “guarantee” a victory before a game, and a significant portion of Las Vegas’ casino revenue comes from bets on the future wrapped around sports.  The future can be such a tantalizing topic because it plays on our emotions and imagination…at least until you try to pin down details, like how something […]

High School Geometry Proves Team Qualifications

August 20, 2013


In tenth grade, I was subjected to the torture of geometry, and more specifically proofs, which were unlike any math I had ever encountered. As was the case for me with higher level math, it took time for the material to make sense—long after my lesson and class year had finished. For half of the year, […]

Wellness Guru Getting A/E/C Attention

August 12, 2013


Dr. Richard Jackson, a UCLA School of Public Health Chair, author, professor, physician and all-around policy expert and health advocate, is about to trend. He caught my attention when he co-authored a book called “Urban Sprawl and Public Health”, which I read and attempted to push on my architect friends like a pied piper.  Reading […]

Walmart in HC: the Stats

August 8, 2013


Numbers carry a certain weight that words cannot. Walmart received many mentions at the ASHE Annual Conference two weeks ago in Atlanta. None of those passing references were nearly as powerful as a few statistics on Walmart in one of the sessions I attended, and how Walmart plans to change the face of healthcare. Two […]