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Evidence-Based Design and Healthcare Vernacular

December 13, 2011


In architecture, vernacular is a word used to define a local, learned design tradition, professionally-untrained yet refined and endemic to a geographic region and culture. Vernacular can refer to a material or spatial / organizational knowledge that usually becomes aesthetically identifiable as well.  For instance, some third-world countries have developed a sophisticated way of building based on materials available—corrugated […]

Marketplace Rep: Creator or Commodity?

April 4, 2011


What do people think and how do people speak of you and your company when you are not around? A reputation in the marketplace is a hard thing to shape. Much like trust, it takes a career of consistency to build and one mistake to destroy. One short-sighted company decision, like a hire-and-fire event, and a firm […]

Politics and Projects

October 25, 2010


I do not consider myself a political animal; there are many, many others my age who are far more astute on the subject, in addition to being more educated, strategic, socially connected and proactive, on how to work politics in their favor. Some people innately understand politics as a tool, an important game, an essential function. My views […]

Community Involvement Balances Work Life

September 6, 2010


For many in the design and construction industry, we have a little more time to breathe lately. One aspect I strive to maintain involvement in regardless of workload is community involvement. For the past five years I have participated in Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. (JCCI) activities, and in particular, their leadership development component called JCCI […]

Effective Use of Down Time

August 13, 2010


When pushing toward a deadline, I often overhear colleagues relate that ‘when things slow down, I would really need to work on [blank]’. For many that time is now, has been now, and might even be now for some time. Down time is not so great for automatons and project animals whose projects have slowed […]