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For-Profit Health Going Big

April 29, 2011


Whatever the consequences from federal healthcare legislation and the struggling economy, for-profit systems are sending the message to competitors:  go big or risk being marginalized. Last December, Community Health Systems (CHS) made an unsolicited proposal to purchase another large, for-profit healthcare provider, Tenet Healthcare. Tenet shareholders rejected the offer, so CHS more recently sweetened the offer to merge. A […]

Net-Zero Snapshop of Energy Future

April 27, 2011


As sustainable design becomes truly mainstream, which I define as adopted into required building code, initiatives for those who want to lead will become more aggressive. Sustainable design leaders asked what the ultimate goal is for their buildings may answer:  net-zero, or buildings having a neutral energy impact on their environment. More specifically, a net-zero building creates […]

Product Mfr’s Out, Design-Builders In

April 25, 2011


One core sales tenet is to establish yourself in the eyes of the client as a consultant, rather than a vendor. A vendor sells a product (commodity); a consultant provides creative input on the product (value). Product rep’s come by our firm all the time for ‘lunch-and-learns’, so I see a lot of different products and hear […]

Does HC Survival Require Expansion?

April 22, 2011


A couple articles I read recently in online journals, and one of the general sessions at last month’s 2011 PDC Healthcare Summit offered some difficult-to-stomach suggestions for today’s hospital CEO in regard to hospital expansion. Some of the nuggets: Hospital scale + integration = survival How big is big enough? Too integrated creates conflict of interest […]

Form-Based Codes Could Streamline HC Design

April 20, 2011


At times I have marveled at how much power one person can have on a healthcare project, specifically, one administrator. Even in the most democratic hospitals and systems, an executive such as the Chief Nursing Officer can trigger a project re-design. Sometimes it is ego, sometimes it is the belief additional input will benefit the project, but an […]

Head-to-Head: CM-at Risk and Design-Build

April 18, 2011


CM-at Risk (CM) was developed as the first major improvement over Design-Bid-Build (DBB); CM generally provided greater cost and quality control, while also delivering a project faster. CM-at Risk and Design-Build (DB) have a lot in common; yet CM is more accepted as a project delivery method, mainly because it is more familiar.  I cannot […]

Why RFPs Don’t Provide Best Team

April 15, 2011


For five minutes, let’s forget that you write requests for proposals (RFPs) ‘because that’s the way we’ve always done it.’ My immediate answer to that is:  healthcare, as it has always been done, is unsustainable. Everyone from doctors to the President want to blow it up with a stick of dynamite. It follows then that […]