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Cut the Fat: 4 Departments to Lean

December 30, 2011


I had an interesting talk with a healthcare consultant who specializes in Lean and Six Sigma initiatives [click for background and previous posts on Lean and Six Sigma.] In the course of our talk I asked him for the top places any hospital could save major money if Lean methods were implemented. He provided me with […]

Alternative Financing and HUD 242

December 28, 2011


When I started my career as an architect, it never occurred to me I would need to know much about access to capital. Indeed, times have changed. On the contrary, architects need to know quite a bit about how hospitals function fiscally.  Historically, hospitals’ three main sources of construction project funding have been municipal (tax-free) bonds, private borrowing […]

Preparing for Robotics in the Hospital

December 23, 2011


In a blog post earlier this year for Healthcare Building Ideas, I looked at how automation appears to be the last great hope for efficiency innovation in construction, that is, in the field where the work is being done on each project. And not long ago the da Vinci robot was taking some surgery departments […]

Google Health, We Hardly Knew Ye

December 21, 2011


A myth of well-run and larger-than-life technology companies is everything they touch turns to gold. Google seems to fall into that category. However, not every Google project is a success, and Google Health is one of those unsuccessful efforts. As Google’s blog post explains in announcing the program’s demise, Google Health was initially created as a way […]

Snapshot of Recent HC Evolutions

December 19, 2011


Earlier this week I touched on some more creative approaches to the business of healthcare and cost control in a previous post. Although not centered on a study of market changes, it questioned out-of-the-box tactics already happening, and whether this was construed as desperate or innovative. This recent Wall Street Journal article provides a good summary of […]

Evidence-Based Design and Healthcare Vernacular

December 13, 2011


In architecture, vernacular is a word used to define a local, learned design tradition, professionally-untrained yet refined and endemic to a geographic region and culture. Vernacular can refer to a material or spatial / organizational knowledge that usually becomes aesthetically identifiable as well.  For instance, some third-world countries have developed a sophisticated way of building based on materials available—corrugated […]

Design-Build: Desperate or Savvy?

December 9, 2011


If a person looks around at private businesses and their attitude toward the changing healthcare market, they will see companies doing some gutsy things. For example:  on the provider side, you have Highmark, a health insurer, purchasing an entire hospital system in a metro region to secure a client base and go head-to-head with other […]