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Design-Build Widens Window of Opportunity

August 31, 2011


With any leading medical technology, four constraints limit how successful the technology will be. The constraints are efficacy / applicability, target patient population, advancing technology, and cost of production. For example, the constraints on a 128-slice CT scan would be:  its efficacy in its function toward its output, the patient population that can derive benefit from it, […]

Proposed FL Blood Bank Merger

August 29, 2011


Not long ago I blogged about what I felt was an untenable situation for hospitals: blood supply.  Since then, I have learned a bit more about blood due to a proposed merger of Florida’s three regional blood centers:  Florida’s Blood Centers, Community Blood Centers of Florida, and Florida Blood Services. Together, they supply roughly 50% of […]

Good-bye to Gangs

August 26, 2011


Click here for my latest blog post for Healthcare Design magazine.

Charrette Process Essential for Buy-In

August 24, 2011


A charrette may be the most influential tool at a design team’s disposal. For those unfamiliar with what a charrette is, I will briefly define this important activity. Charrette is an architectural term for a short, intense design exercise. In school, it meant a furious individual effort to meet a project deadline. In the working world, it is more […]

Need for Speed Beats a Great Deal

August 22, 2011


Car analogies are usually helpful. I was discussing design-build (DB) with an architect colleague who was playing devil’s advocate for design-bid-build (DBB). He said DBB was superior to DB because the DBB building price is “competitively derived” as opposed to design-build’s “non-competitive” arrangement. To him, design-build had some mystery in its sum that he could […]

Established Relationships a Double-Edged Sword

August 19, 2011


Some hospital administrators work decades to find a reliable design and construction team. No wonder when a team performs well more than once, that team can quickly find themselves a ‘preferred provider’ at the hospital. For the designer or builder, this is heaven. And for the Director of Facilities or VP of Strategic Planning, relief. The team trades off its […]

Design-Build is Lean

August 17, 2011


Humans innately seek consistency. When a woman commits to something, we expect her to follow through. And if she doesn’t we are bothered, and look on her with skepticism for her lack of consistency. Or when a man says he is a strong supporter of the environment, we find it troubling if he drives around town in a gas-guzzling […]