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Healthcare Industry: Fear the Outsider

April 30, 2012


In Fast Company’s “Generation Flux” article, much ground was covered as to how the capitalist landscape is unsettled, or more poignantly stated, constantly changing. Change equals risk in many businessmen’s heads, and continual change…well, deep down no one wants that; it is just too hard to plan for. Yet, this is where we find ourselves. Up until now, the focus in […]

Ownership Has Its Privileges

April 25, 2012


What does it mean to do business with the owner? To me, dealing with an owner means you get “the  most” from any interaction:  customer service, honest communication, reliability, value, comprehensive attempt to resolve a concern or find a solution. Ownership in healthcare has been one big revolving door:  physicians selling their practices, hospitals merging with systems, public companies going […]

Design Negotiations with Mother Nature

April 23, 2012


An article in a trade magazine crossed my path on design for lightning protection for hospitals. Articles on topics like lightning fall into a category I refer to as ‘The Physics of Life’:  immutable natural laws with which every building professional since the beginning of time has wrestled, and those 5000 years from now will also contend […]

Design Intro for Telemedicine

April 20, 2012


Telemedicine is the process of using technology to bridge a physical distance between patient and caregiver to achieve wellness. And for a couple years, I have been eagerly reading and peppering telemedicine practitioners with questions in an effort to find out the physical design requirements for successful telemedicine implementation. What does the ideal telemedicine space […]

Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions: A Smart Recipe for Growth?

April 18, 2012


At the PDC Summit last month, a panelist noted Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove’s perspective that expected mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to be integral to sustaining healthcare revenue.  This is also supported by economic theory.  Big-time growth in this way is likewise espoused by for-profit healthcare. I believe mergers and acquisitions in healthcare can greatly consolidate what is currently […]

Innovative Healthcare from India

April 16, 2012


Despite all the focus on American healthcare reform and its constitutionality, some really successful business models are at work outside the U.S. One of them is the Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals, #36 in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2012. The hospital admittedly has modeled a great deal of its operations on Walmart.  Some of the […]

Defend Your Brand

April 13, 2012


Last week I attended a networking event and met a handful of people who were between jobs, not uncommon these days. What I find interesting is how differently people portray their situation. Some feel sheepish and embarrassed to be out of work, while others are excited at the potential of opportunity in front of them. […]