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Project ‘Fine Print’ Manages Risk

January 5, 2011


Significant resources are used to manage the soft parts of a project to keep the project on time and on budget. Owners execute protracted RFQ / RFP processes with short-list interviews and selection committees trying to pick the right team out of a bunch of suits. Owners ask designers and builders how they manage quality on their […]

Book Review: Broken Buildings Busted Budgets

November 19, 2010


Barry LePatner’s book Broken Buildings Busted Budgets has provided some questions for my own practice and thoughts on the design and construction industries, which I have used to explore through posts. For those that have struggled to understand the gist of LePatner’s book, let me provide the Cliff’s Notes. LePatner touches on many subjects tangential to […]

Design-Build Best at Controlling Costs

November 8, 2010


I recently completed Barry LePatner’s book, Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets (BBBB), and if I were a copy editor with a hook to write it would be: ‘LePatner Book Endorses Design-Build’. Considering BBBB is a book focused on why buildings cost so much and how to solve that, I would say the above headline as a […]

Large Firms Help Stabilize Costs

November 2, 2010


NOTE: Earlier this week, I became a featured blogger for Healthcare Design (HD) magazine, and now Healthcare Building Ideas (HBI). When I create content for those blogs, I will provide a short link here to those posts. Likewise, the HD/HBI blog posts will have a short end note or link to this blog, “Owner’s Toolbox”. The […]

Book Review: The Innovator’s Prescription

October 6, 2010


How to control rising healthcare costs is a popular topic for debate these days, but all the water cooler talk in the world will not solve the riddle. Even recent legislation is the equivalent of a band-aid on a bullet wound. Effective long-term change rarely happens at the height of a crisis because there is too […]

Building Owner at Disadvantage without Intermediary

September 13, 2010


A major obstacle for building owners in the process of getting a project built is finding a way to either get as knowledgable as the builder about the costs of the project, or find someone who can represent the owner and protect his interests to nullify the effects of asymmetrical information. Asymmetrical information is an […]

Pressure on Productivity

September 10, 2010


When company belts get cinched as tight as they can be without becoming a tourniquet, cost saving shoppers rely on improved productivity for relief.  Outside of major business model overhaul, producing more with the same or less resources, is one of the only advantages against inflation.  Whether a professional or assembly line operation, cutting costs to produce more for […]