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Telemedicine Veto Symbolic

June 19, 2014


Earlier this month, Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed three telemedicine funding initiatives.  Becker’s and other media reports did not seem to delve into the back story on the action.  In this case, a little speculation might be predictive and helpful to provide broader understanding. Governor Scott has taken considerable criticism from the state’s healthcare industry for […]

Design Intro for Telemedicine

April 20, 2012


Telemedicine is the process of using technology to bridge a physical distance between patient and caregiver to achieve wellness. And for a couple years, I have been eagerly reading and peppering telemedicine practitioners with questions in an effort to find out the physical design requirements for successful telemedicine implementation. What does the ideal telemedicine space […]

Telemedicine Fills Primary Gap

January 14, 2011


Last month at the Virginia Rural Health Association’s (VRHA) Annual Meeting, I was able to learn more about telemedicine.  Luckily for the residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia, their legislature approved its use as a substitute (from a billing standpoint) for face-to-face care.  This is the kind of jump-start a nascent technology and care model needs. […]

Remote Medicine, Remote PM

July 12, 2010


One of the drawbacks to pursuing healthcare work outside your immediate geographic area is that many times there is a bias against selecting out-of-towners because of a perceived lack of service. I hope as telemedicine and virtual service delivery catch on in healthcare, healthcare facilities will understand projects can be done excellently, even exceptionally, at a distance. […]

Two Prereqs to Healthcare Retailization

June 19, 2010


For a few years now, experts have said one of the impending healthcare trends is retailization. Retailization in healthcare is understood as providing healthcare in a way similar to the business model for retail:  inexpensive, fast, and accessible.  One of the theories supporting this idea is that if healthcare outlets are ubiquitous like ATMs, people are more […]

Four IT Themes to Plan For

June 16, 2010


Information technology (IT) is always mentioned as a major headache for corporate healthcare leadership. Often it is because IT is such an unknown on many planning levels:  physical infrastructure, cost, future ability to adapt and value of upgrading versus waiting for latest application. And then how should a facility efficiently train and fold in new technologies into employees’ […]