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Do We Pay for Precision?

August 15, 2014


Earlier this week, I had the occasion to visit Milwaukee.  The trip was a mixture of business and pleasure. Including the airline arrival, I was able to sample four separate modes of transportation by limiting myself to the urban core during my stay. What I noticed from each of the experiences was how drastically they differed based on my […]

A/E/C Fees Not Worth a War

October 4, 2012


In his hilarious stand-up, “For What It’s Worth”, comedian Dave Chappelle set up a humorous routine on judgment and capabilities of kids in the news when he famously asked: “How old is fifteen, really?” Borrowing Chappelle’s approach, in regard to judgment and capabilities of A/E/C teams (but with all humor aside) I now ask:  how […]

RFP Process: Courtesy, Please

July 24, 2012


Last week, I was able to meet with a hospital to get a debrief, which is a short meeting to gain insight into why you were not selected in a request for proposal (RFP) or interview. It is invaluable because firms can get an unvarnished perspective on how to improve their content and communication, as well as find out who […]

RFP Process: Flawed or Fixed?

May 8, 2012


In the past, I examined the flawed nature of the Request For Proposals (RFP) process.  I question their ability to ensure the best team is selected.  I have pondered their value from a time-value of money aspect, and argue RFPs in healthcare are a significant waste of money, in real terms. RFPs involve a series of complex decisions not […]

Hospital Owners’ Worst Project Fear

November 2, 2011


Is a hospital’s worst project fear an architect with no knowledge of healthcare design? Or an incompetent contractor? Maybe a project that goes 200% over budget, takes twice as long to build, and ends up in the courts? None of these compare to a hospital’s worst project fear. It is important to dissect the genesis of a typical healthcare project in order […]

RFP Process By the Numbers

October 5, 2011


Some hospitals and systems utilize a formal selection process to determine which architect and contractor teams they would like to work with. Such a system, though defensible to Boards and CEOs, is fraught with unseen limitations and waste. I support a more efficient way:  choose someone the administration trusts and negotiate an agreement. I call this the Trust Your Gut […]

Why RFPs Don’t Provide Best Team

April 15, 2011


For five minutes, let’s forget that you write requests for proposals (RFPs) ‘because that’s the way we’ve always done it.’ My immediate answer to that is:  healthcare, as it has always been done, is unsustainable. Everyone from doctors to the President want to blow it up with a stick of dynamite. It follows then that […]