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New Ideas on Healthcare CEO Search

June 20, 2014


Daniel Sinnott, CEO of his eponymous executive search firm, wrote a thoroughly excellent piece on how healthcare CEO searches should adapt to find more appropriate candidates. Leadership is a struggle in these difficult industry times for healthcare, and the head of an organization influences much of the hard-to-change but needs-to-change aspects of the care giving business. […]

Telemedicine Veto Symbolic

June 19, 2014


Earlier this month, Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed three telemedicine funding initiatives.  Becker’s and other media reports did not seem to delve into the back story on the action.  In this case, a little speculation might be predictive and helpful to provide broader understanding. Governor Scott has taken considerable criticism from the state’s healthcare industry for […]

Outside Leadership Welcome in HC, Finally

February 6, 2014


In my opinion, the Advisory Board promulgated one of the most important articles on healthcare in the past five years last week.  The article in question was titled “Hospital CEO Wanted:  No Healthcare Experience Needed“. The promise, not premise, of this article is: healthcare now has an appetite for ideas outside its industry.  Furthermore, these […]

Wellness Guru Getting A/E/C Attention

August 12, 2013


Dr. Richard Jackson, a UCLA School of Public Health Chair, author, professor, physician and all-around policy expert and health advocate, is about to trend. He caught my attention when he co-authored a book called “Urban Sprawl and Public Health”, which I read and attempted to push on my architect friends like a pied piper.  Reading […]

Code Minimums Not Enough

July 2, 2013


I further clarified my position on disaster preparedness for healthcare in this blog post for Haskell. The bottom line: code minimums are not enough, especially when lives depend on a 24/7 hospital—not a 72-hour hospital. For links on my related disaster and infrastructure posts: Cogen power and medical records HC data / systems disaster prep […]

Despite Chaos, Wellness Still a VC Target

May 3, 2013


Fast Company reported last month that venture capital investments have been cautious-to-non-existent lately. One of the reasons for this is—surprise—uncertainty. Uncertainty. Change. Flux. These are the parameters which continue to define the early 2010s, and which govern more than our work lives.  Living with chaos might be the most essential survival skill at this time. […]

Walmart in Healthcare: Round Two

February 1, 2013


At the end of 2011, we heard Walmart express an interest in learning the healthcare market. Consider Walmart on training wheels in one of the most regulated, charged market environments in the free world.  Those outside healthcare probably thought ‘How quaint that the professed low-cost leader would show interest in its customers’ health.’  Those in […]