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Right-Sizing at Scale: Is It Possible?

July 8, 2014


Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of touring the new Exempla St. Joseph replacement hospital in Denver. The project is known there as St. Joe Heritage or simply “Heritage”. Designed by ZGF with local architectural participation, and constructed by Mortenson, with local construction participation, it is massive—at one time the largest healthcare project in […]

World-Class Design: A Run in With a Ferrari

March 10, 2014


I listened intently to the Director of Planning, Design and Construction and how his healthcare system was preparing to roll out a new Children’s hospital.  This Director, for a system known for innovation and above-average industry performance, was lamenting how his new Children’s hospital would open and likely need renovations within 60 days.  “I bet my next […]

High School Geometry Proves Team Qualifications

August 20, 2013


In tenth grade, I was subjected to the torture of geometry, and more specifically proofs, which were unlike any math I had ever encountered. As was the case for me with higher level math, it took time for the material to make sense—long after my lesson and class year had finished. For half of the year, […]

Infection Control Primer, Part I

May 9, 2013


If you start a discussion about infection control with a hospital administrator, hand washing is likely to come up—and hand washing is a proven method for clinical cleanliness.  However, from a design standpoint, hand washing is a micro-level tactic to combat the 900-pound gorilla that is infection prevention.  There are macro-level strategies that, if not […]

PDC Summit Rant Retrospective

March 21, 2013


I have been out of the blog loop for a little while for various reasons.  One of those reasons was to attend the annual ASHE Planning Design and Construction (PDC) Summit for Healthcare last month.  The last six years I have attended the PDC Summit, arguably the best conference for bringing healthcare providers and designers […]

Adjusting Expectations Redux

December 6, 2012


Eleven months ago I wrote about how communication between two people can be a challenge because of a major difference in expectations. At that time, I related the story of a critical access hospital (CAH) CEO that, with USDA loans in hand in November 2010, was “ready to begin” his new replacement project…or so I thought. […]

Cutting Through the Noise

October 22, 2012


Business owners and marketing professionals especially, call general blather and inflated industry talk “noise”.  Noise is generated by uninformed media, irresponsible journalism, and hollow reports trying to predict things that cannot be predicted. Somewhere in the noise is a nugget or two of fact and useful information, but for the most part, noise distracts and confuses people trying to […]