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Coping with Leadership Turnover

August 13, 2014


In past blog posts related to healthcare projects, I probed the value of process over people.  To clarify, I am not implying people are not important, only that a process govern the way people interact at all times—a process that is well constructed and not easily changed by the very people who attempt to work within […]

Hospital OR & Non-HC Service Lines, Part II

June 6, 2014


[See previous post, Hospital OR & Non-HC Service Lines, Part I] Other than utilization of resources (and that’s a huge one), the main difference between the multi-billion-dollar a year beverage manufacturer and a sub-4% margin hospital? The rigor with which a service line is managed each day.  This intensity extends to the study and analysis executed by […]

Hospital OR & Non-HC Service Lines, Part I

June 5, 2014


Running a productive OR is an essential competency for hospitals since the Operating Room Suite (OR) provides the average hospital with 40% of its annual revenue, the largest single departmental percentage in the hospital. As hospitals adjust their procedure prices to become more transparent and competitive, they must follow traditional rules of economics: Profit = Revenue – […]

Selling Hope (of Deliverance)

November 20, 2013


Since my last post, I had been very occupied as the chair of a large event for our AIA Jacksonville chapter. It was virtually a part-time job and I ceased everything outside of my real job for about two months. Luckily, the event was a success and is passed. Last evening I returned from the […]

Ignorance…Definitely Not HC Bliss

September 19, 2013


I take criticism very seriously.  As an architecture student, I was well-prepared by the design studio jury process to field almost any negative attack on my design (or me) regardless of relevance. Perhaps the most biting piece I’ve ever received was this: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  It is the kind of comment […]

Ensuring a Safe Job

July 31, 2012


One of the more difficult topics to communicate to a hospital is a company’s role in, and record on, project safety. Safety is one of those slippery topics that, like quality, is challenging because it is subjective and occasionally elusive. Most owners would agree they want safety in all projects. Who could argue safety is […]

When It’s Your Move

June 6, 2012


In chess, white moves first. This can set the tone for white to be on the offensive, and black the defensive, the entire match, or it can be a minor detail in the outcome. Offense or defense. It is important to remember what position you are in each day. One of the most comical memories of my […]