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Elder Patient Needs Begin with the Brain

August 19, 2014


For some time, I have been struggling with hospital wayfinding: how to make it better for our clients, and thus for hospital visitors. What I have found is wayfinding, like other big design problems in healthcare, traces its roots to understanding cognitive functions and how people process information, universally.  Wayfinding will be solved when we […]

Retail Healthcare Open for Business

July 22, 2014


Retail healthcare has been a trending topic of discussion, growing in prominence over the past four plus years.  At first, it was a novelty:  can healthcare learn from retail?  Should they? Then there were baby steps, like mimicking, for healthcare adopting retail:  creating clinics (bringing care to the customer), increasing social media presence (branding), and improving […]

Workplace (and Hospital) Superstitions?

May 13, 2014


A surprising statistic and graphic caught my attention while reading the latest Fast Company:  45% of workers engage in superstitious activity at work at least once a day. Superstitious activity ran the gamut from recognized acts like throwing salt over the shoulder (done more often at work than you think, apparently) to routines like wearing “lucky” clothing.  That statistic includes […]

Cutting Through the Noise

October 22, 2012


Business owners and marketing professionals especially, call general blather and inflated industry talk “noise”.  Noise is generated by uninformed media, irresponsible journalism, and hollow reports trying to predict things that cannot be predicted. Somewhere in the noise is a nugget or two of fact and useful information, but for the most part, noise distracts and confuses people trying to […]

When One Size Does Not Fit All

July 21, 2012


Hospitals walk a fine line today between differentiating themselves from competitors, and unnecessarily running up expenses. The Emergency Department is one place these two ideologies clash. On one hand, we see EDs catering toward a particular population.  Senior EDs have been discussed for a couple of years.  Children’s EDs are also coming into vogue in some […]

Cut the Fat: 4 Departments to Lean

December 30, 2011


I had an interesting talk with a healthcare consultant who specializes in Lean and Six Sigma initiatives [click for background and previous posts on Lean and Six Sigma.] In the course of our talk I asked him for the top places any hospital could save major money if Lean methods were implemented. He provided me with […]

Healthcare: Community Service or Business?

May 13, 2011


As federal budget debates continue, the four largest components of our federal deficit spending—Social Security (23%), Medicare / Medicaid (20%), defense (20%), discretionary (19%)—will continue to receive a lot of attention. Healthcare, in fact, has been leading the dicussions in many cases, as the other three have been treated with kid gloves thus far. I […]