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New Ideas on Healthcare CEO Search

June 20, 2014


Daniel Sinnott, CEO of his eponymous executive search firm, wrote a thoroughly excellent piece on how healthcare CEO searches should adapt to find more appropriate candidates. Leadership is a struggle in these difficult industry times for healthcare, and the head of an organization influences much of the hard-to-change but needs-to-change aspects of the care giving business. […]

The Cost of Delay

January 27, 2012


With his $22 million in loans in hand, an administrator I know was preparing for a major capital project.  I introduced his somewhat recent situation in a previous post.  His hospital project was approved and ready to take off.  Fifteen months later, things are still waiting to break ground. This delay may not seem like a big deal. Or worse […]

Spheres of Influence

January 23, 2012


Architects have complained over the past thirty years that their significance in society—influence, status, importance—has diminished. This is largely true. I believe it has happened because of one concern: architects continue to push away risk. As architects began off-loading risk from their standard contracts decades ago and limiting services, (for instance, not accepting responsiblities and […]

Google Health, We Hardly Knew Ye

December 21, 2011


A myth of well-run and larger-than-life technology companies is everything they touch turns to gold. Google seems to fall into that category. However, not every Google project is a success, and Google Health is one of those unsuccessful efforts. As Google’s blog post explains in announcing the program’s demise, Google Health was initially created as a way […]

Increasing Patient Loads Without Projects

July 20, 2011


From what I hear, hospitals need to squeeze more revenue out of what they already have to avoid taking on more debt, or because debt itself is not even available to use. If this is accurate, a few ideas come to mind based on conversations I have had recently. First, increase the efficiency of the facility. This […]

Top Healthcare IT Trends of 2010

January 17, 2011


In case you missed it, 2010 was a banner year for technology in healthcare.  Several new technologies took root in the industry last year, which are helping to transform and enhance care delivery right now.  From iPads to electronic health records (EHRs) check out this helpful post from for a primer of what to expect to […]

Myths of Electronic Health Records

December 22, 2010


In the past I mentioned some IT themes to prepare for on the design and business side of healthcare.  Becker’s covers some myths behind Electronic Health Records (EHR) in this poignant post—especially good for administrators who have health records as their New Year’s resolution.