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Do We Pay for Precision?

August 15, 2014


Earlier this week, I had the occasion to visit Milwaukee.  The trip was a mixture of business and pleasure. Including the airline arrival, I was able to sample four separate modes of transportation by limiting myself to the urban core during my stay. What I noticed from each of the experiences was how drastically they differed based on my […]

Store-Brands of Project Delivery

May 11, 2012


These soups have soft, almost mushy noodles.  Food Lion’s flavors are a little more intense, the dehydrated spice taste is not as pronounced, and the soup doesn’t leave as much of a fatty feeling in the mouth.  The Campbell’s broth is oily, with fatty pieces of chicken, and it leaves a lingering taste of garlic […]

Design-Build Like Project Insurance

February 8, 2012


In 2008, Southwest Airlines was turning a profit while its competitors were sucking wind. Unlike its competitors, Southwest gained tremendous momentum instead of raising prices, instituting new fees and looking to consolidate merely to survive. How did they do it?  Southwest reaped the benefits of some shrewd disaster planning during their boom years. In the prior decade, Southwest invested millions in […]

Hospitals: Work Sample Your HC Team

January 13, 2012


For sure, healthcare project partner selection is an emotional decision. Yet other industries struggle as well with the ability to choose talent. Interviewing is another surprisingly imprecise exercise of screening and selection. Google seeks creative problem solvers and tries to develop ways to screen for that in its prospective employee interviews. But an increasing body […]

Short List Interviews Anything But Predictable

January 6, 2012


College bowl season is in full swing again. For college football fans, bowl season offers a coda to the football season with a plethora of matchups, and a game almost every night between mid-December and the first week in January, culminating in a national champion. However, bowl game outcomes are notoriously hard-to-predict. For the casual […]

Benchmarking Knowledge Creates Power

December 5, 2011


To elucidate the power of benchmarking, let me offer this anedote. Recently a public county hospital Board of Directors in the southeast which came under fire by its county.  As many hospital are these days, this particular one was losing money and struggling to get in the black. Despite the poor recent performance of the hospital over […]

Healthcare Projects Through a Debt Crisis Lens

November 21, 2011


One important cultural tenet, in this time of more-or-less global economic malaise, is fiscal responsibility. Faced with the European Debt Crisis, fiscal responsiblity for countries hoping to survive has translated lately into “austerity measures”.  Austerity measures are aggressive attempts to get a country’s financial house in order in double-time; it includes large scale debt reduction, spending freezes, paring down […]