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Coping with Leadership Turnover

August 13, 2014


In past blog posts related to healthcare projects, I probed the value of process over people.  To clarify, I am not implying people are not important, only that a process govern the way people interact at all times—a process that is well constructed and not easily changed by the very people who attempt to work within […]

Consider This a Burn Notice

February 22, 2012


 As Republican presidential hopefuls square off in primaries across the U.S., a lot of talk is on how much money candidates are spending to position themselves as the most attractive.  The longer the primary process stretches on, the more resources are needed. Political pundits note that candidate “super PACs” bring in millions a month yet can spend […]

Seek Cultural Match of Project Team with Hospital

November 10, 2010


In a recent article, Johns Hopkins Medicine CEO Dr. Edward Miller was quoted as saying “Culture eats strategy every day for lunch.” He was discussing how to get a program instituted within a very diverse organization. To me this means even the best intentions mean nothing if there is not cultural alignment between two different […]