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Need for Speed Beats a Great Deal

August 22, 2011


Car analogies are usually helpful. I was discussing design-build (DB) with an architect colleague who was playing devil’s advocate for design-bid-build (DBB). He said DBB was superior to DB because the DBB building price is “competitively derived” as opposed to design-build’s “non-competitive” arrangement. To him, design-build had some mystery in its sum that he could […]

Less Complexity, More Simplicity

August 15, 2011


Simple is the distilled essence of complex. Everywhere in business complex is replaced by simple. In writing, editors say simple, clear writing is much more difficult to accomplish—and much more indicative of clear thought—than complex writing. It takes much more practice, understanding of message, and work to write something simply. In software, computer programmers denounce the overly […]

Design-Build An Exit from the ‘Freeway Condition’

July 27, 2011


In his excellent design zeitgeist snapshot entitled Life Style, Bruce Mau wrote about two popular cultural phenomena he calls the “freeway condition” and the “franchise”.  In our modern life, Mau argues we are captive to a life designed around a freeway condition, where everything happens so fast we ‘go with the flow’ simply for our own […]

Head-to-Head: CM-at Risk and Design-Build

April 18, 2011


CM-at Risk (CM) was developed as the first major improvement over Design-Bid-Build (DBB); CM generally provided greater cost and quality control, while also delivering a project faster. CM-at Risk and Design-Build (DB) have a lot in common; yet CM is more accepted as a project delivery method, mainly because it is more familiar.  I cannot […]

IPD: Hospital Board’s New Clothes?

March 18, 2011


Integrated Project Delivery:  everyone says they do it, and then quickly scramble to learn about it when a client wants it implemented. For companies that work in an integrated manner already, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is old news.  Several firms were doing it before it had a name, which is why I often say Haskell does integrated […]

The Value Behind Value Engineering

January 26, 2011


Value engineering’s history began with General Electric’s “value analysis” process in the 1930s, where unnecessary costs were identified and eliminated from projects. This process shares a lot with modern day’s lean processing, which seeks to eliminate anything which does not add to quality, use, appearance or function. The Department of Defense is credited with the […]

Design-Build Best at Controlling Costs

November 8, 2010


I recently completed Barry LePatner’s book, Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets (BBBB), and if I were a copy editor with a hook to write it would be: ‘LePatner Book Endorses Design-Build’. Considering BBBB is a book focused on why buildings cost so much and how to solve that, I would say the above headline as a […]