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Where Will Your PD+C Break?

February 21, 2014


According to SquareTrade, a warranty company, broken smart phones have cost Americans $13 billion over the past five years.  Of those accidents leading to phone death, over half most recently occurred in the home. Along with SquareTrade’s data, Fast Company included a graphic in a recent issue that showed where our latest iPhone or Android home-based […]

Hospital PDC: Your Cinnamon Challenge?

May 7, 2013


The Cinnamon Challenge.  If you have not heard of it, plug into pop culture for five minutes and hit YouTube.  It is the modern-day version of A Christmas Story’s tongue-meets-freezing-flag-pole double-dog dare.  Why is this relevant to hospital planning, design and construction (PDC)? Last week, the Advisory Board noted doctors have issued a message on […]

Store-Brands of Project Delivery

May 11, 2012


These soups have soft, almost mushy noodles.  Food Lion’s flavors are a little more intense, the dehydrated spice taste is not as pronounced, and the soup doesn’t leave as much of a fatty feeling in the mouth.  The Campbell’s broth is oily, with fatty pieces of chicken, and it leaves a lingering taste of garlic […]

Design-Build Like Project Insurance

February 8, 2012


In 2008, Southwest Airlines was turning a profit while its competitors were sucking wind. Unlike its competitors, Southwest gained tremendous momentum instead of raising prices, instituting new fees and looking to consolidate merely to survive. How did they do it?  Southwest reaped the benefits of some shrewd disaster planning during their boom years. In the prior decade, Southwest invested millions in […]

Benchmarking Knowledge Creates Power

December 5, 2011


To elucidate the power of benchmarking, let me offer this anedote. Recently a public county hospital Board of Directors in the southeast which came under fire by its county.  As many hospital are these days, this particular one was losing money and struggling to get in the black. Despite the poor recent performance of the hospital over […]

Design-Build a Simplified Tool

October 10, 2011


Fast Company had an article recently that touched on a well-recognized, yet simple and powerful entrepreneurial formula: take an expensive product available to the few, and make it simple and affordable to many, and you have a winner. A somewhat public display of this strategy was Nicolas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child mission initiated several […]

Integration a Must, Not Just a Plus

September 7, 2011


Regardless of what each team calls it—design-build, IPD, partnering, lean delivery—integration is at the core of each of these production methods. And their goal is to produce a better building through the benefits integration provides. With so many clients choosing integration, owners who maintain slow, disintegrated methods of project delivery forfeit advantages and fall behind their […]