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New Ideas on Healthcare CEO Search

June 20, 2014


Daniel Sinnott, CEO of his eponymous executive search firm, wrote a thoroughly excellent piece on how healthcare CEO searches should adapt to find more appropriate candidates. Leadership is a struggle in these difficult industry times for healthcare, and the head of an organization influences much of the hard-to-change but needs-to-change aspects of the care giving business. […]

Watson and A.I. in Healthcare

May 9, 2014


Smart phone applications are great, ever improving in fact, but for healthcare they seem to lack complexity and legitimacy.  By legitimacy, I mean an outstanding mechanism (data base / algorithm) to provide specifically essential and trusted insight.  Emergency Department wait updates are nice, but one-trick ponies ultimately.  And who (hopefully not too many) needs to use the […]

Healthcare: Where the Cool Kids Hang

February 10, 2014


Healthcare is the place to be.  Want proof? Healthcare is adapting retail concepts to help solve way finding problems, so says the Wall Street Journal.  A hospital as hip as an airport or mall?! Healthcare, and wellness, are a #1 venture capital target for disruptive innovation and entrepreneurial investment—especially outsiders. Healthcare is interesting enough to […]

HC Costs Parsed: What’s Missing?, Part I

January 16, 2014


Becker’s Hospital Report commented yesterday on the State Health Care Cost Containment Commission’s recent look at the “9 Drivers of Healthcare Cost in the U.S.”.  A few items to note from the article: There should only be seven causes.  Of the nine causes named, the last two, “Expensive End-of-life Care” and “Provider Consolidation”, should be […]

Healthcare IT: Think Huge, Then Triple It

August 29, 2013


Healthcare draws strange analogies sometimes.  Already I have read of information technology (IT) in healthcare in the context of “Big Data” (kin to Big Oil, Big Auto and Too Big to Fail).  Astronomy is not a strong suit in my scientific repertoire; however, I was always intrigued with the theories often attached to a universe: […]

Healthcare Pricing Transparency, Top-Down

August 26, 2013


Becker’s Review reported today that North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has signed legislation requiring all hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to submit common procedure pricing to the State.  140 common procedures will be monitored, with rates sent to the NC Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) quarterly beginning in 2014. NC is not […]

Loyalty is Dead—Even in Healthcare

April 30, 2013


Retail healthcare is advancing in sophistication, and this is a good thing. Healthcare providers continue to reach out more into the community with outpatient services, going to the people—this is progressive.  Historically, most hospitals have played from a position of strength in the healthcare delivery relationship:  patients come to us. Hospitals continue to become more […]