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Elder Patient Needs Begin with the Brain

August 19, 2014


For some time, I have been struggling with hospital wayfinding: how to make it better for our clients, and thus for hospital visitors. What I have found is wayfinding, like other big design problems in healthcare, traces its roots to understanding cognitive functions and how people process information, universally.  Wayfinding will be solved when we […]

Cutting Through the Noise

October 22, 2012


Business owners and marketing professionals especially, call general blather and inflated industry talk “noise”.  Noise is generated by uninformed media, irresponsible journalism, and hollow reports trying to predict things that cannot be predicted. Somewhere in the noise is a nugget or two of fact and useful information, but for the most part, noise distracts and confuses people trying to […]

Universal Design’s Role in Our Future

May 18, 2011


Designers and building owners often stick their heads in the sand when new regulations are discussed. Many are in denial that sustainability is law in several localities, and some still grit their teeth when having to comply with the American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADA / ADAAG). In some respect this is natural with […]