Balancing Wants and Needs in HC

June 10, 2014


There’s an old saw in business to the effect that you can’t trust the customer to know what they want. In other words, a customer cannot envision a solution that does not yet exist. Therefore, it is a professional’s job to invent that solution, rather than wait for the client to describe it, and then try to […]

Hospital OR & Non-HC Service Lines, Part II

June 6, 2014


[See previous post, Hospital OR & Non-HC Service Lines, Part I] Other than utilization of resources (and that’s a huge one), the main difference between the multi-billion-dollar a year beverage manufacturer and a sub-4% margin hospital? The rigor with which a service line is managed each day.  This intensity extends to the study and analysis executed by […]

Hospital OR & Non-HC Service Lines, Part I

June 5, 2014


Running a productive OR is an essential competency for hospitals since the Operating Room Suite (OR) provides the average hospital with 40% of its annual revenue, the largest single departmental percentage in the hospital. As hospitals adjust their procedure prices to become more transparent and competitive, they must follow traditional rules of economics: Profit = Revenue – […]

An Argument for the Future Tense

May 29, 2014


In his excellent book, Thank You for Arguing, author Jay Heinrichs provides a thorough and entertaining view of rhetoric, the art of argument and influencing the future behavior of others.  One of Heinrichs’ key points is:  the most influential arguments are done in the future tense.  Past tense rhetoric is known as forensic; it focuses […]

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State Takes Stance on Triclosan

May 23, 2014


Anti-microbial qualities have been an obsession of consumer goods manufacturers for the better part of a decade.  Part of this drive has been the media’s focus on exotic and potentially deadly pandemics—Ebola, bird flu, swine flu and the like—which seem to grab the headlines every other year or so.  Now it is MERS, and Florida had […]

Biowalls: A Redux

May 22, 2014


In late 2011, I blogged about a biowall installation in a Drexel University building.  Generally, plant life is not very plentiful in hospitals—despite the indoor environmental benefits they provide like toxin filtering, oxygen production, temperature moderation, and aesthetic / calming benefits to building users. When I discovered the Drexel Papadakis Building biowall 30 months ago, not […]

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Workplace (and Hospital) Superstitions?

May 13, 2014


A surprising statistic and graphic caught my attention while reading the latest Fast Company:  45% of workers engage in superstitious activity at work at least once a day. Superstitious activity ran the gamut from recognized acts like throwing salt over the shoulder (done more often at work than you think, apparently) to routines like wearing “lucky” clothing.  That statistic includes […]