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Selling Hope (of Deliverance)

November 20, 2013


Since my last post, I had been very occupied as the chair of a large event for our AIA Jacksonville chapter. It was virtually a part-time job and I ceased everything outside of my real job for about two months. Luckily, the event was a success and is passed. Last evening I returned from the […]

Ignorance…Definitely Not HC Bliss

September 19, 2013


I take criticism very seriously.  As an architecture student, I was well-prepared by the design studio jury process to field almost any negative attack on my design (or me) regardless of relevance. Perhaps the most biting piece I’ve ever received was this: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  It is the kind of comment […]

Connecting the Dots from ASHE 2013

August 7, 2013


Ten days ago I attended ASHE’s Annual Conference and Technical Exhibit in Atlanta. As a PDC Summit regular but ASHE rookie, I didn’t know what to expect. Whether it was the time of year, my eyes-wide-open view, repetition of information, or simply three years plus into the percolation of healthcare reform, I was surprised at […]

Three Trends Twelve Months Later

June 28, 2013


Occasionally, I read about healthcare trends and sit on them before validating them by disseminating them or writing about them. If something has staying power, it can be effective in a different way to point back to an origin and the evolution since ‘the story broke’. Exactly one year ago, BD+C magazine reported ‘3 important […]

Life Cycle Cost—As If!

May 23, 2013


I am a LEED AP, BD+C, HIJK, and have been such for nearly ten years.  I believe in the top and bottom-line benefits of sustainable design, and think green design provides a superior built environment for both individual and community…which is why I have had such a hard time reconciling my own conflicted feelings after […]

Big Health is Here

May 14, 2013


You’ve heard of Big Auto.  Big Oil.  Banks too big to fail. Now introducing:  Big Health. The nation’s largest merger of two health systems, Trinity and Catholic Health East, went final; no anti-trust issues.  This merger creates the second-largest system in the U.S. Ascension Health is still the nation’s largest system by operating revenue, and […]

Despite Chaos, Wellness Still a VC Target

May 3, 2013


Fast Company reported last month that venture capital investments have been cautious-to-non-existent lately. One of the reasons for this is—surprise—uncertainty. Uncertainty. Change. Flux. These are the parameters which continue to define the early 2010s, and which govern more than our work lives.  Living with chaos might be the most essential survival skill at this time. […]