Integrated Team is Value

Posted on July 8, 2011


After all the analogies, metaphors and hyperbole are set aside, an integrated design-build team is value for the owner.

All other teaming formulations and contractual permutations of professional services can only aspire to the value integration delivers.

In healthcare design and construction, every team will provide a building that meets program needs. The skin of it will differ, the cost of it will differ, but the function will be the same. The building is a container for healthcare service delivery. It is a machine for healthcare revenue that gets turned on and never stops.  The physical building is a commodity.

What a CEO hires when he or she selects a design-builder is the value of integration. Integration is the only differentiator because integration provides the means for creative thinking.

People discussing opportunities, ideas, and of course, solving essential problems—these are all done when people are close together for long periods of time. This does not happen over conference calls, video chats, and long emails. It rarely happens in a weekly face-to-face meeting that most architects and contractors aspire to. Real project vision happens when design and construction are forced together structurally.

Integration fosters teamwork, creativity, concentrated and focused effort, and learning. This is only executed with one company that has these capabilities knit together via integration. No other arrangement even comes close to achieving integration. They can provide a team, but what good is a team without integration? 

Anyone can make a team. Only design-build is integrated. An integrated team is essential value.