Design-Build Top Hospital Design Trend

Posted on February 2, 2011


Mea culpa for being tardy with this key Becker’s Hospital Review piece on the “Top 8 Trends in Hospital Design and Construction” from last November 12.  Becker’s articles are short and pithy, but for those who want an ultra-short version, here are some highlights:

  • Design-build was noted as the top trend and was identified as a “cost-effective, time-saving delivery method” that “will become more frequent since hospitals are looking for opportunities or delivery methods that allow them to have what they need sooner and with less cost.”
  • Philanthropy is relied upon as a major project funding mechanism, but is on much shakier ground as average donors withhold donations.
  • Master planning is more important than ever. I noted in a past post how master planning would need to adapt for the future. An adequate master plan is “flexible” and “can adapt to changes, maintain vision and continue to move forward since this is the only way a hospital can be efficient in design and development.”
  • Project building booms will be scaled down. In a move toward more conservative planning and realistic market conditions, hospitals are going to only “minimally invest, so we may see the big trend of smaller projects” for a while.

Do check this article out for the other four trends and let me know if you agree.

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