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AIA’s Seven Pillars of IPD

October 13, 2010


Every so often it seems someone takes a stab at defining Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). IPD is one of the core topics of this blog, and is reflected in numerous posts, some of which can be read here or here. Recently, the AIA published a pretty good summary of IPD principles entitled “The Seven Pillars […]

Genomics and Healthcare

October 12, 2010


In August I wrote a piece on how designer healthcare was under-delivering in that the promises from the genomics field years ago had not had the positive effect on human health as expected.  Even with the human genome mapped ten years ago, lingering health puzzles remain unsolved; the human genome is simply far more complex […]

Employee Wellness Programs

October 11, 2010


In July, I bit the bullet and signed up for my company’s employee wellness program, Virgin HealthMiles. I admit, it seemed gimmicky at first. When I started at Haskell, it seemed like an unnecessary way to be competitive at work. However, once I learned more about the system I realized it was nothing like that. Employee […]

Planetree Visionary Design Network

October 8, 2010


This week the Planetree organization is having its annual conference. Planetree facilities are hospitals that have dedicated their operations to be more patient-centered and focused on quality of care through catering to the five senses and emotional well-being of the patient over the at-times cold technology of care delivery. I have done projects in a Planetree facility and Planetree […]

Book Review: The Innovator’s Prescription

October 6, 2010


How to control rising healthcare costs is a popular topic for debate these days, but all the water cooler talk in the world will not solve the riddle. Even recent legislation is the equivalent of a band-aid on a bullet wound. Effective long-term change rarely happens at the height of a crisis because there is too […]

Punch List Innovation

October 4, 2010


Project close-out centers around completing a building to the satisfaction of the design team and acquiring a certificate of occupancy. Oh, and getting the balance of payment from the owner.  How that gets done best is up for debate. The punch list is the way the design team verifies the built product meets the design […]

More Patients to Power Retail Healthcare

October 2, 2010


A recent article in Becker’s Hospital Review confirms in a very succinct way, what many of us know:  retail healthcare is about to grow in a big way.  How it happens, who knows?  If retail healthcare models itself after the retail world, I bet it happens true to the retail way:  popping up like mushrooms […]