Blog Update

Posted on October 23, 2010


I believe it is important to constantly improve blogs to keep things fresh and relevant. As you may have noticed, this blog’s title has migrated from “IPD Toolbox” to “Owner’s Toolbox” to reflect its broader goal in providing relevant information for current and future building owners, specifically healthcare facility owners. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is one tool in the owner’s toolbox, along with many other subjects explored here.

Also, the post categories have been overhauled to more specifically identify topics. Fewer general categories have been replaced by more specific categories. Even if it takes longer to read through the longer list of new selections, which are still being defined, readers are more likely to identify the posts that are most relevant to them.

Content will continue to focus on topics relevant to owners preparing for projects like clinics, medical office buildings and hospitals. I continue to collect ideas and write about subjects important to healthcare leadership.  

And if I can ever crack the nut of physician recruitment in a real estate market on life support, I suppose I will be a rich man.

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