More Patients to Power Retail Healthcare

Posted on October 2, 2010


A recent article in Becker’s Hospital Review confirms in a very succinct way, what many of us know:  retail healthcare is about to grow in a big way. 

How it happens, who knows?  If retail healthcare models itself after the retail world, I bet it happens true to the retail way:  popping up like mushrooms after the rain in a very franchise-like manner.

The article signals the demand for retail will be partially driven by 32 million newly insured Americans thanks to the recent healthcare reform legislation. Also, retail healthcare is likely to be more affordable and more convenient. Becker’s notes one of the overarching themes for healthcare staffing will be reducing the imminent increase of workload on primary care physicians. Retail clinics are designed as relief outlets in this unbalanced equasion. 

Among the details to be ironed out in this new frontier, it will be interesting to see how the design and construction teams who operate in the prototype world of Target intersect with the design and construction teams who operate in the one-off world of Kaiser Permanente. Somehow the expertise of speed and low cost will need to meld with the expertise of healthcare design. 

Sounds like a perfect match for design-build healthcare.