Round 3: LEED for Healthcare

Posted on August 20, 2010


Continue to exercise your patience for LEED for Healthcare a little longer.

On Tuesday, the USGBC announced its third period for public comments. There were suspicions this might happen, but I think this is an unprecedented wait for any USGBC rating system. To me it signifies both the complexity of the task (melding both USGBC and GGHC concerns) and the interest USGBC has in getting it right the first time so the system stands on its own for at least a few years without requiring a major update or revision.

Most importantly, the USGBC uses a consensus process to determine revisions to the future rating system, which means all parties have a voice and must agree to feel comfortable with the final decision—no democracy or majority rule. Consensus is the strongest method for the USGBC to execute this because no one can complain they did not have their say or that they did not agree with the final version; consensus means debate has taken place, issues have been aired and the solution is mutually acceptable to all concerned parties.

Log on to the USGBC to review comments that have been made, to record your own comments, or to be a part of the consensus body.

The deadline for public comments is 5pm PST on September 5.